Practice Card Assignments
Here you will find the practice card assignments from Smart Music. Those without Smart Music can follow along in their book.

Due Dates
Practice Card #1- 9/17
Practice Card #2- 9/24
Practice Card #3- 10/1
Practice Card #4- 10/8
Practice Card #5- 10/15
Practice Card #6- 10/22
Practice Card #7- 11/5
Practice Card #8- 11/19
Practice Card #9- 12/3
Practice Card #10- 12/10

8th Grade

Book- #39- 49

Distant Horizons- Work through moving parts measure 23- End. Really pay attention to articulations!!

Primordium- (Passed out on Friday) Start getting familiar with the piece

7th Grade

Book- #129- 146 (remember, try to practice ahead of where we are in class)

North Ridge Overture- Review Beginning- 33

Start working out 33- End

Fortis- Start getting familiar with the piece

6th Grade

Book- #18- 39 (wide range because brass is a little ahead of woodwinds)

Along Came a Spider- Review new notes

Remember that many sections repeat so learn it once REALLY WELL and you will have it down when it repeats later!!

Band Room Boogie- Start looking at this one

Performing Band

Frosty the Snowman- Really work on cleaning articulations. You might want to memorize if you are concerned about marching and playing.

Colliding Visions- You should be full into this one and just cleaning articulations and dynamics. PLEASE, if you are on Smart Music, work with the tuner so we can keep the passed around unison note in tune with each other.